Amazing Resort for Pre-Wedding Shoot In Dehradun

Best Resort for pe-wedding shoot


Living in the special moments of your life is undoubtedly the best thing to do but having a perpetual source to relive those moments, again and again, is absolutely a great thing. We all desire and make an attempt to capture the most beautiful moments of our lives to create a memory that stays forever and can be shared with generations to come.

A pre wedding shoot is always on the top of your wedding to-do list and why not? We all want to preserve those golden moments of courtship days, so we go from place to place to get the best out of our pictures. But what if you don’t have to go places to bring diversity to your pre wedding photoshoot what if we tell you that you can have it all in one place?

Yes, we are talking about the best resort for pre wedding shoot in Dehradun, the Shahanshahi Adventure Park and Wellness resort, The resort has everything to turn your photo shoot into a dreamy montage.

Way to your picture-perfect place!

The magnificent Shahanshahi resort falls on the Old Mussoorie road, Dehradun. Being surrounded by the surreal beauty of mountains and the perfect view of nature, the location is conducive in all respects as it shares proximity with the train station and is only 7.5 KM from the Dekyiling Tibetan bus stand.

The scenic view of Shahanshahi resort, perfect for pre-wedding photoshoot.

The backdrop of the Himalayas renders a beautiful space to capture the most amazing moments of your life. The touch of nature is better than any filter in the world. The Shahanshahi resort offers enormous options of beautiful backgrounds to add to the grace of your pictures. Here are a few ideas to give your professional pre wedding photoshoot a glamorous yet subtle touch with a pleasantly unreal view of the Shahanshahi.

  • Pool sight –The amazing pool sight at the Shahanshahi resort is set to make your best pre wedding shoot The view will come up to its best especially during the evening. So, couples! Put on your sultry outfit and jump into the pool with a glass of wine. You are sure to get some of your best clicks there.
  • The picturesque lawns of the Shahanshahi with some fine decor are perfect to shoot at in the daylight. They offer a wide variety of backgrounds and ample sunlight which casts a natural sun-kissed filter that will surely set everyone’s gaze on your pictures.
  • The delightful view of mountains in the background sets a well-flavoured theme for the traditional pre-wedding photoshoot. If you desire to give a Pahadi touch to your pre-wedding shoot, this place is all you need.
  • Besides lending a beautiful space for a pre wedding shoot, we make sure not to make the whole experience tiresome for you. So, we make arrangements for light refreshments in between the photo shoot with a pre-approved menu as we believe, a happy stomach will always give happy pictures! What makes us the best pre-wedding shoot resort in Dehradun?


What makes us the best pre-wedding shoot resort in Dehradun?

We all look for diverse backgrounds for our photo shoot, we long for a dreamy set-up and we obviously can’t do without having a perfect touch of nature in our photo shoot. The Shahanshahi makes everything possible under one roof. Due to the building of the resort, it becomes highly feasible for the cameraman to experiment with different angles and backgrounds. The resort offers cosy and luxurious rooms where you can easily change to different outfits and relax after a tiring day. Since the resort receives a good amount of sunlight, this is going to get the job to your photographer easy to bring the best out of your pictures. Besides, our whole team will help to make your pre-wedding photo shoot a memorable experience. We don’t just say it; we indeed offer the best resort for pre wedding shoot. So, while short listing the destinations for your pre-wedding shoot, don’t forget to put the Shahanshahi Adventure Park and Wellness resort on the list!

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