Catering Services

We specialize in Indian Chinese and Thai food. Tailor made packages for theme wedding venues can be opted from the wide variety of options available.

Garhwali local dish has found its way into the plates and hearts of hundreds of people in the land of Uttarakhand the traditional menu of north Indian food has witnessed a fusion of Chinese and Thai dishes during wedding and party events.
Separate counters of sweet dishes south Indian Chinese and Garhwali dishes has paved its way into the main course cuisine selection by most couples today for their big day.
Giving a nostalgic feeling of the land they belong to while giving an international touch to the soul of food by creating various food counters of various countries.
Tibitean food has also come a long way to be served on the plates of new and young taste savors today.
We have a special variety of vegetarian starters and snacks for vegetarian guests.
Jain food can be ordered and catered to as according to the wishes of the client.
We have two separate kitchens for the same which are physically apart from each other, making this a hassle free choice for vegetarians to pick from.
Emphasis is more on quality rather than anything else in the catering services which we provide at an affordable cost and feasibility.
Pre-wedding shoot marks the beginning of the journey bof a bride and groom into matrimony.
It creates loving and lasting memories to hold on to forever

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